Alarm transmitting equipment
We offer all security alarm transmitting equipment from protected objects via communication channel of your choosing (GSM, radio or Ethernet).

Compatible with most manufacturers' control panels 

The main feature of our transmitters - they work perfectly with the majority of manufacturers' control panels.  Equipment connected via data bus or PTSN communicator is able to read all alarms sent by other manufacturers' control panels. If it is not possible to connect equipment via data bus or PSTN channels, connection is made through PGM.

TRIKDIS transmitters are easily integrated into pre-existent security systems; therefore security companies using our equipment avoid additional costs which may occur due to incompatibility of new and old security systems' elements.

 Any control panel
 Safe transmission

Safely Transmitting Messages

TRIKDIS transmitters communicate via GSM (GPRS, SMS or DTMF call), VHF/UHF, radio or cable Ethernet. By using TRIKDIS transmitters constant communication monitoring and control is ensured.  Alarm reports are sent at maximum speed which is only limited by network bandwidth. Additional communications security is ensured since it is possible to connect multiple transmitters working simultaneously via different channels.

Easy Configuration

Our products are easily installed. Their configuration programs (software) work the same way.  Therefore knowing how to handle GSM transmitter, you will simply grasp the inner workings of other transmitters or control panels. Factory settings allow installing TRIKDIS equipment without further configuration. Moreover, our equipment can be configured and managed remotely.    

 Easy Configuration
 Reliable and durable

Reliable and durable

TRIKDIS transmitters are highly appreciated for their durability. New clients often contact us when they find our old generation equipment which is still fully working in their protected objects. Durability of our transmitters is extended since we secure it with additional metal frame.

This is why, communicators we manufacture are a great solution for expanding security companies who undertake old or install new objects. 



All necessary communication solutions from one manufacturer