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At TRIKDIS we specialize in alarm signaling and monitoring. Using our communicators your security company can quickly connect new customers and grow. With our devices you can offer your customers Protegus apps, which will increase the value and appeal of your company’s security services.


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Our cellular communicators are certified and conform to the highest EN50131 Grade 4 security rating.

EN50131 Grade4
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New and Popular
Control panel SP231 KIT
Control panel SP231 KIT
SP231 KIT - is a security kit containing Control panel SP231 mounted into metal housing. Grade 3 security control panel with 8-32 zones, 8 partitions, 5 PGMs and an integrated GSM communicator with features for both users, installers and security companies.
GSM communicator G16T
GSM communicator G16T
Communicator G16T is intended to upgrade any intruder alarm panel with telephone line communicator (TLC) for event signalling via cellular network.
Communicator/controller CG17
Communicator/controller CG17
Informs customers about events with voice messages, SMS or push notifications in app. Also, can be used for remote control of equipment and as security control panel.
GSM communicator G16
GSM communicator G16
Communicator G16 is intended to upgrade compatible Paradox, DSC, GE Interlogix, Texecom intruder alarm panels for event signalling via cellular network.