GSM communicator G10C


GSM communicator with 4 inputs for transmitting messages from control panel`s PGM outputs or from various sensors and devices.


  • 4+1 inputs IN1-IN4 for reporting events from:
    • control panel PGM outputs from any manufacturer
    • various sensors
    • other devices
  • Input MCI can operate as a 5th input or as a IN1-IN4 status controller
  • Output for remote control of devices
  • Messages can be freely described in Contact ID (CID) codes
  • Support for three alternative communication modes:
    • GPRS
    • SMS
    • DTMF via GSM voice channel
  • Messages are transmitted through GPRS to the main or backup IP addresses. If GRPS connection is lost, messages are sent with SMS messages
  • Constant control of connection with CMS
  • Information about events to users with editable SMS messages
  • Access to module configuration is secured with two level password
  • Quick and easy configuration via USB
  • Remote configuration, control and update from CMS
  • Metal casing for additional mainboard protection


Inputs (IN1-IN4, MCI)4+1 NC type
Outputs (OUT1)1 x OC type, switching 30 V, 1 A
Connection with the main IP receiverGPRS, SMS or DTMF via GSM
Connection with the backup IP receiverGPRS, SMS or DTMF via GSM
Communication via GPRSTCP/IP or UDP/IP protocol
Alarm messages encodingIn Contact ID code
Alarm messaging to consumerSMS with pre-set customized text to 4 mobile phones
Memory60 last events
GSM modemDual-Band 900/1800 MHz
Power supplyDC 12,6 V, 10-15 V
CurrentIdle running 60 – 100 mA, within transmitting up to 250 mA
Operating temperature rangefrom -10 °C to +55 °C, when relative air humidity 80 % with 20 ºC
Dimensions85 x 65 x 25 mm
Weight0,1 kg




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