Transmitter T10C/T10UC


VHF or UHF radio transmitter for sending messages from control panel PGM outputs or from various sensors.


  • 5 inputs IN1-IN5 for connection with:
    • control panel PGM outputs from any manufacturer
    • various sensors
    • other devices
  • Messages are sent in Contact ID codes, transmitting detailed information about event
  • Messages are sent in parallel through 2 frequencies of certain radio band
  • Messages are sent in 75-95 ms, it gives the opportunity to transmit messages from a big number of objects through one radio frequency
  • Encoded message format prevents unauthorized persons from intruding into the network
  • Compatible with various radio systems, and can be integrated into existing radio network
  • Constant control of connection with CMS through “Ping” messages
  • Quick and easy configuration via USB
  • Access to transmitter configuration is secured with 2-level password
  • Transmitter can be factory locked to one security company
  • Metal casing for additional mainboard protection


Inputs (IN1-IN5)5 x NC / NO / EOL=2,2 kΩ type
Operating frequency band146-174 MHz (VHF) or 430-470 MHz (UHF)
Number of operating frequencies
Output power1,5 / 5 W 
Output resistance50 Ω 
Spurious emissionmeets the requirements EN 300 113
Transmitting duration60-400 ms, depending on the radio system used
Alarm message encodingin ContactID
Repeating1-8 times
Memory100 messages
Configurationvia USB port
Power supplyDC 12,6 V, ± 3 V
Currentidle – 60 mA, while transmitting – 1000 mA
Class of Emission12K5 F2D AN (Radio Regulations, ITU, Geneva, 1982)
Antenna socket typeTNC connector
Operating temperature rangefrom -20 °C to + 55 °C,  when relative humidity 90 %  with 20 ºC
Dimensions65 x 135 x 25 mm 
Weight0,15 kg





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