Control panel SP231 KIT

SP231 KIT – is a security kit containing Control panel SP231 mounted into metal housing. Grade 3 security control panel with 8-32 zones, 8 partitions, 5 PGMs and an integrated GSM communicator with features for both users, installers and security companies.

For majority of installations

With 8 zones (expandable up to 32) and a dedicated two-wire fire zone, intruder alarm panel SP231 is designed to protect homes, small businesses, ATMs and other small-to-medium properties, which constitute a majority of all installations.

Advantage: Save on inventory costs and time on training.

Simple home automation

With 5 programmable outputs and up to 10 temperature sensors, lighting, heating, gates and other electronics can be controlled conveniently from distance.

Advantage: Convenience to operate your home automation system from the distance.

Conforms to Grade 3

Alarm panel SP231 conforms to requirements for intruder alarm systems set in European standards for Grade 3 installations.

Advantage: SP231 can be installed in higher security premises; your customers can get discounts for insurance (where applicable).

Professional signalling to CMS

As all TRIKDIS devices, control panel SP231 maintain secure GPRS communication with the monitoring station with communication control by polling.

Advantage: Constant communication control without overloading your alarm monitoring software with TEST messages.

Pre-configured to work

We made it our goal to make installation of the panel as easy as possible. Default factory settings allow to set up the system with almost no configuration. Any necessary settings can be changed remotely and securely with configuration software TrikdisConfig or with SMS messages.

Advantage: More installations in one day. More satisfied clients.

Call/SMS reporting to users

SP231 can make a call to up to 2 user phones, ensuring that they are informed about any alarms. The panel can also send detailed event information with SMS messages to 5 users.

Advantage: Stay up to date about your security system status

Large choice of keypads and kits

The panel can be used not only with our Protegus LED keypads, but also with a large range of Paradox keypads. We also provide the panel in enclosures with power supplies.

Advantage: Customize the system to your client’s needs.

Remote configuration and control

SP231 can be easily configured and controlled remotely. Diagnostics, fast device configuration, firmware upgrade, remote system Arm/Disarm and PGM outputs can be controlled from CMS.

Advantage: Savings on fuel and work hours.


ConformityGrade 3, Low Voltage, RTTE, RoHS
Inputs 8, of NC, NO or EOL=2.2 kΩ type
Expandable up to 32 with input expansion modules
Zones9 types (ON/OFF, Delay, Interior, Interior STAY, Instant, Instant STAY, 24 hours, Fire, Silent) including two-wire fire zone
Number of system expandersUp to 16, including keypads and additional alarm transmitters
PGM outputs5, OC type (3×0.5A, 1x1A, 1×0.1A)
Guard modes4, ARM / STAY / STAY DELAY / OFF
Zone bypass functionYes
Number of control codes1 Master, and up to 39 User codes,

1 Administrator, 1 Installer, and 1 Central Monitoring Station

Means of controlTrikdis Protegus keypads or Paradox K32, K636, K10V keypads, mobile apps, phone call, SMS, iButton key or other device
Temperature sensor supportYes
GSM modemQuad-Band 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
Communication with CMSVia GPRS (TCP/IP or UDP/IP) or with SMS messages
Supported protocolsTRIKDIS TRK
Encoding formatContact ID with additional encoding algorithm
SMS messaging to usersSMS messages with pre-set customized text to up to 5 telephone numbers
Calling to usersCalling immediately after pre-set event to up to 2 telephone numbers
Event logYes, up to 2000 events
Internal clockYes
MCI busYes, for an additional alarm transmitting device (G10, E10, T10 series)
Module configurationVia USB port using program TrikdisConfig or via GPRS from CMS
Power supplyAC 230 V
Current usageUp to 80 mA (stand-by)

Up to 0.35 A (transmitting)

Operating temperatureFrom -25 ºC to +50 ºC, when relative air humidity 80 % with 20 ºC
Dimensions200 x 210 x 80 mm
Weight2.20 kg




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