Cellular gate controller GATOR

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GSM gate controller GATOR can remotely control automatic gates and other equipment


The GATOR Gate Automation Unit

Covering all needs for the gate functionality. We can offer the combined service of automation and security

Web App

Multiple Users

GATOR supports countless users on a single device. Its perfect for the gated community, high traffic barriers or industrial gates.

Custom Scenario

The best solution for separating users in roles. Make different settings for guests, service staff or whatever you like.


You can drag and drop a widget on a phone screen where can operate and see the live status of your gates.


Not always posible to operate gates manualy. This is where schedules comes handy.

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    Remote control

    • With Mobile/Internet application GATOR.
    • With SMS messages.
    • With phone call.

    Messages for users

    • Sends messages about events to the GATOR application or with text SMS messages.

    Messages for the safety company

    • Sends event information in Contact ID codes to TRIKDIS software and hardware receivers, which work with any monitoring software.
    • Can simultaneously send event messages to the receiver of the safety company and work with the GATOR
    • If connection with the main receiver is lost, the messages are automatically sent to a backup receiver.

    Inputs and outputs

    • 2 inputs (IN), of selectable type: NO; NC; EOL.
    • 2 universal inputs/outputs. Mode of operation is set as either input or output.
    • 1 output (OUT) – relay.

    Settings and installation

    • Quick and easy installation.
    • Addition of new users and deletion of existing users can be done with the GATOR app (when logged in with administrator rights), SMS message, TrikdisConfig
    • Device can be configured either by connecting a USB Mini-B cable or remotely with the TrikdisConfig
    • Remote updating of firmware.
    • Two access levels for configuring the device, for the installer and for the administrator.


    2G GSM modem frequencies850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
    3G UMTS modem frequencies800 / 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100 MHz
    Power supply voltage9-32 V DC

    12-24 V AC

    Current consumption100 mA
    Inputs2, selectable type: NC, NO, EOL=10 kΩ
    Universal inputs/outputs2, can be set either as input IN with type: NC, NO, EOL=10 kΩ, or output OUT (open collector (OC) 50 mA)
    Output1, relay, 1 A 30 V DC, 0,5 A 125 V AC
    Unsent events memoryUp to 60 events
    Event log memoryUp to 5000 events
    Users who receive messages and have permission to control7
    Users who have permission to control990
    Operating environmentTemperature from –20 °C to +50 °C, relative humidity – up to 80% at +20 °C
    Dimensions92 x 62 x 26 mm
    Weight80 g


    CG17, E16, E16T, E485, FLEXi SP3, G16, G16T, Gator, GV17, iO-8, SF485, Software, W485January 7, 2021
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