Quick Setup Guide for FLEXi SK232LCD Keypad

Sleek minimalistic design keypad with LCD screen, designed for FLEXi SP3 control panel. Backlit sensor touch buttons with tone. Multi-language support. The FLEXi is a highly advanced, multifunction alarm control system, designed to flawlessly manage your security system at home or at business, protects you against burglary, and supports the operation of multiple electronic devices.

Wi-Fi controller WP17 Installation manual

The Wi-Fi controller WP17 is designed for remote control of an automatic door (or other electrical equipment). WP17 can be controlled with Protegus app. The controller can enter 990 users (you need to specify the user’s e-mail). The WP17 controller can be used to set the user control schedule, set the counter, how many times[…]

Installation Instructions FW2-SMK Smoke Detector

Two Way Wireless Smoke Detector The FW2-SMK is a two way wireless photoelectric smoke detector using low current technology. The detector automatically compensates for long-term environmentally induced changes to maintain a constant smoke sensitivity. When the drift compensation has reached its high or low limit of adjustment, the detector will go into the trouble state.

Installation Instructions FW2-PANIC-WATCH

Two Way Wireless Panic Device The FW2-Panic Watch is an advanced water-resistant pendant transmitter with single-button press-and-hold activation and ergonomic design to wear on a regular basis as any wristwatch or necklace. Water resistant. Supplied with wristband and necklace. Single button activation. Lithium battery operated. Ideal for assisted living installations. Can be worn in the[…]

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