case studies
Completed Projects

TRIKDIS can offer unique solutions which are adapted to the needs of each security company. Our equipment is easy to integrate into existing security systems of any kind. This is why we can present projects likely to renew and expand existing equipment into one fully operating system.

Fuel anti-theft security device
Truck drivers (especially in South America) face a significant problem how to secure fuel in the tanks against thieves. The solution offered by TRIKDIS is a combination of security control panel CG17 and fuel sensor STRELA. It allows measuring the fuel level in the fuel tank and sending messages to Protegus app and the monitoring station.
Vending machine protection
With growing amount of vending machines in the offices and public places, the demand for protecting machines and cash inside is growing and that could be an extra source of income for security companies.
Change from PSTN to GSM
Rapidly growing security company in order to optimize its business decided to change communication channel for alarm message transmission from PSTN lines to GSM networks. Trikdis solution allowed seamless change from one communication technology to the other at the same time increasing the speed and quality of communication.
Bryansk Crisis Centre
A newly established Crisis Management Centre in Bryansk, Russia, seeking to centralise the monitoring, surveillance and protection of 22 regions has contacted us for cooperation.
Fast installation
When the communicator is connected to panel's Serial/Data Bus, there is no need to configure the Control Panel. Installer code is not required. Therefore TRIKDIS GPRS/IP communicator installation is very fast and convenient.
Growing Security Firm
We were contacted by a rapidly growing security firm which is continuously increasing the number of protected objects. After evaluation we created a project proposal, which allowed to match our software Linux Ipcom with client's existing server structure and used monitoring program.
ATM protection
Security firm offering ATM security services requested a solution that would ensure the control of connection with CMS and would provide an option to authorise the ATM opening remotely from CMS. We have offered a solution involving two connection channels and remote authorisation using program IPcom Control.
Six security companies
An actively expanding security company which has recently bought six other security companies in six different cities has asked us to help them renew and expand existing equipment into one fully operating system.