I/O expander iO
I/O expander iO

Wired expander for increasing the number of inputs and outputs of TRIKDIS communicator.

Offer your customers to add remote control of their heating, AC, gates or other equipment.


Inputs and outputs:

  • 1 selectable type input, type: NC or NO
  • 1 relay output
  • 1 Wire bus for temperature sensors

Remote monitoring and control:

  • Protegus apps
  • SMS messages
  • Output control with level and pulse settings with selectable duration 
  • Describable zone events
  • Temperature data

Connection to communicator:

  • RS485, up to 1 km length with twisted pair cable; or
  • Wireless connection using two iO-MOD
  • Possible to connect 8 expanders and up to 4 subsystems with TRIKDIS communicator.

Compatible TRIKDIS devices:

  • Communicator G16
  • Communicator G16T
  • Communicator/controller CG17
Power supply 10-28 VDC
Current consumption 50 mA
Message encryption Yes
Inputs 1, selectable type NC/NO 
Relay output Commutating up to 250 VAC, 4 A max
RS485 bus length  CAT5 twisted pair, up to 1 km
Temperature sensors 1, DS18B20 or DS18S20
Operating environment Temperature from -10 °C to 50 °C, relative humidity – up to 80% at +20 °C
Dimensions  65 x 77 x 25 mm