Temperature sensor
Temperature sensor

Hermetic temperature sensor DS18B20 with cable. This is waterproof temperature sensor DS18B20. Useful for the temperature measurement of high humidity places or even the temperature of the liquid.

Although the sensor is capable of measuring temperature up to 125°C, but the cable is coated in PVC plastic. Therefore we recommend that the sensor be used only in environments where the temperature can rise up to 100°C. Sensor data will remain accurate even when the sensor is mounted in a sufficiently large distance from the control panel SP231.

The kit includes a plastic strap with space to write the sensor’s unique number.

Power supply voltage 3.0 - 5.5V
Measuring range from -55°C up to +125 °C
0.5°C error from -10°C up to +85°C
3 wire interface

Red wire - Vdd
Black wire - GND
White wire - DQ

Cable length 90 cm
6 mm in diameter and 30mm long stainless steel sleeve