Control panel CG3
Control panel CG3

6-32 zone, 8 partition and 6 PGM security control panel with integrated GSM communicator.

Panel features:

  • 6 zones (expandable up to 32)
  • 8 partitions, each can be controlled individually
  • 6 PGM outputs, controlled with a phone call or with SMS message
  • Message transmission through GPRS to the main or backup IP addresses. If GRPS connection is lost, messages are sent with SMS messages
  • Messages are sent in Contact ID codes
  • Constant control of connection with CMS
  • Information about events to users with SMS messages or telephone calls
  • Quick and easy configuration through USB
  • Internal impulse power supply


6, of NC, NO or EOL=2,2 kΩ type

expandable up to 32 with input expansion modules


9 types

Number of system expanders

up to 16, including keypads and additional alarm transmitters



PGM outputs

3, open collector type, 30 V / 50 mA

2, open collector type, 30 V / 1 A

1, relay contacts, 30 V / 1A

Guard modes


Zone bypass function


Number of User codes

up to 40

Compatible keypads

Protegus SK130LED and Paradox K32, K636, K10V, K10H

Other means of control

telephone call, electric switch

GSM modem

Quad-band 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz

Communication with CMS

via GPRS (TCP/IP or UDP/IP) or SMS

Algorithm for alarm transmission

messages are transmitted to the main ARC receiver. If connection is lost, the control panel automatically starts communicating with the backup ARC receiver

Alarm message encoding

Contact ID

Alarm messaging to user

SMS messages with pre-set customized text to up to 5 telephone numbers

Internal clock


Module configuration

via USB port, using program CGconfig

Power supply

AC 16-18 V


up to 0.35A (transmitting)

Backup power supply source

battery 12 V, 4-7Ah

Power supply for peripheral devices

DC 13,6 V voltage and up to 1,1 A current

Operating temperature

from -10 ºC to +55 ºC, when relative air humidity 80 % with 20 ºC


120 x 80 x 16 mm


0.1 kg