Controller GV15
Controller GV15

Controller GV15 is a remote control device for electro-technical equipment (gate opening or rising, premises heating or ventilation, lawn or greenhouse irrigation, pump, boiler, transporter and other system control).  Control commands are transmitted via GSM.

After a call made to the number of the inserted SIM card, the controller checks the caller number, under the set operation mode rejects the call and switches relay contacts. There is a possibility to switch controller relay contacts using SMS message or DTMF commands.

Controller features:

  • 2 Relays for equipment control;
  • 2 inputs, e.g. for the circuit of mounting case lock or gate limit sensor;
  • 8 administrators and 1000 user names and their phone numbers;
  • Import and export of user phone numbers and user names;
  • Customising the preferred switching period of relay contacts;
  • Comprehensive controller operation light indication;
  • Exceptionally easy to install and run. 


GSM modem frequencies

850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz

Power supply

12-36 V  DC or 12-24 V  AC

Current usage

Standby – 50 mA

While sending SMS – instantly up to 0,25 A

Number of relays


Relay commutated

Direct voltage up to 30 V, current up to 1 A

Relay control command

By phone call, SMS or DTMF codes

Switching relay contacts

Pulse – control command commutates relays for 1-60 sec.


Level – control command commutates relays until the next control command, e.g., until the next call.


Up to 8 administrator names and their phone numbers

Up to 1000 user names and their phone numbers


2 (IN1 and IN2),

Set for NO (R ≥ 10 kΩ) or NC (R ≤ 0,5 kΩ) type circuits

Operating environment

Air temperature from -20 °C to +50 °C, at humidity up to 93% (without condensation)

Parameter setting

a) Software "TrikdisConfig" via USB;

b) Special syntax SMS messages

Controller dimensions and weight

100.6 x 80.7 x 23.5 mm , up to 110g

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