CSD/SMS receiver GM5
CSD/SMS receiver GM5

The receiving module GM5 can operate as a stand-alone receiver or be as an integrated part of receiver RL10 for receiving encrypted SMS messages.

Main features

  • Data Output – serial port RS232;
  • Operation parameters configured with standard MS Windows XP software HyperTerminal;


SIM300 modem frequency

850/900/1800 MHz

Power supply

12,6 VDC, permissible voltage deviation 10-15 V


60–100 mA (idle running),

pulses up to 250 mA in transmitting

Output protocol

RS232, 8-N-1-N, either Surgard or IPcom protocol

Operation environment

-10°C to 50°C, relative humidity up to 80% when +20°C

Overall dimensions

126 x 66 x 26 mm