Repeater RR-IP12
Repeater RR-IP12

R-IP12 - is a device designed for repeating messages from radio receivers to a monitoring station via Radio, GPRS or Ethernet connections.

Repeater features:

  • Messages can be received or resend by three different radio channels - GPRS, Ethernet or radio network
  • Two different receiver modules can be installed into the repeater - R7 or R11
  • Depending on needs, in the repeater can be installed transmitting devices - E10C, GM10, T10R
Encoding system RAS-3, RAS-2M, LARS, LARS-1 and Milcold-D
Modules for transmit ion up to 3
Possible modules for transmition GM10
Power supply 47-63Hz, 100 – 260V
Backup power supply battery with 12V/7Ah capacity
Operating environment -10°C to +55°C, relative humidity up to 90%, non condensing
Dimensions 310 x 390 x 130 mm
Weight up to 4,0 kg
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