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New Wi-Fi and Ethernet modules for Dual-path connectivity.

Add-on module W485 provides WiFi, and E485 module provides wired internet connectivity. These modules connect to the main TRIKDIS device: G16, G16T communicators, CG17 control panel or GV17 gate controller via the RS485 bus.

This creates a dual path of WiFi+Cellular or Ethernet+Cellular. If the primary communication channel gets compromised, the system automatically switches to a backup channel. This provides signaling redundancy, which is required for many high-security sites.

W485 and E485 provide flexibility for installers as they can choose to connect either W485 to a WiFi network or E485 to a wired internet router in places where it is nearby.

Both modules transmit complete information about events to the monitoring station receiver.

Wi-Fi add-on module

Is designed to transmit data and control commands via the Wi-Fi Internet network.

Ethernet add-on module

Is designed to transmit data and control commands via the Ethernet cable network.

For W485 and E485

The new update for IPcom Control is released

We want to inform you that the updated version of the IPCOM CONTROL configuration software has been released. Please update your program.

IPCOM CONTROL is a software to configure TRIKDIS receivers RL14 and RM14.

What's new:

v4.21.1.0 (2019.05.27)

  • Added Spanish translations.
  • Added the Communication Type column in the Object Table.
  • Support for E485 and CWI.

The main feature for this update is to see in which communication type your module works. It's for new dual-path connectivity with our new extension modules W485 and E485.

In order to use the new version, you should uninstall the existing version and then install the new one.

Link to the program update: Click Here