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TrikdisConfig and module FW updates

TrikdisConfig v1.66.13

New firmware for devices SP231, E16T, CG17, G16, G17F and GV17 are added to TrikdisConfig install file. After these devices are connected to TrikdisConfig, they will be offered to be updated.

Click this link to download the TrikdisConfig (v.1.66.13) install file.


  1. 4G modem support. Control panel can now be ordered with these modems.
  2. Ethernet communicators E16T and E14 can be connected to the control panel for events to be sent to the monitoring station IP receiver via wired internet.

This allows for dual-path reporting to CMS: primary channel – wired internet, backup channel – cellular.

Ethernet communicator connects to SP231 panel’s RS485 terminals. In the control panel settings set the reporting to CMS mode to “RS485 IP module”, and enter the receiver’s IP and Port address.

3. Corrected 2-Wire fire zone operation.


  1. Communicator can be connected to TRIKDIS control panel SP231. 

In communicator’s settings it is enough to set the panel type as “Trikdis SP231”. Control panel will provide the monitoring station receiver’s IP address and port to the communicator.

If DHCP is not working, you need to enter the Ethernet network parameters:

2. UDP/IP protocol support, when working with control panel SP231.


Added support for Honeywell Vista control panels.


  1. Improved fuel sensor operation logic. Event is generated if fuel level drops more than regularly.
  2. Added events that describe voltage and fuel level limit values. For sending events with Contact ID codes and SMS messages.


G17F_v1.06 181005

  1. Added option to do not perform module time synchronization. This is necessary if module is not working to Protegus, and mobile operator does not support time setting function.
  2. Corrected Trouble LED indication for time synchronization error.
  3. Corrected Output control from Protegus in pulse mode.


GV17_v1.03 18-10-09

  1. Added option to turn on/off event sending about IN/OUT trigger and restore events.
  2. Corrected ability to add users by entering the user email with SMS message.