technical support
Technical support

Our goal is not only sell security system equipment and provide qualified consultations before the purchase, but also to ensure that transmitters, receivers and control panel we manufacture, would benefit your security company as much as possible. For this reason, we provide professional technical support during installation and usage of our equipment.

Consultations and technical support
For existing and future UAB Trikdis customers


Levels of Technical Support

Consultation for new clients

For new customers, our specialists help to understand the technical characteristics of the products, their operating principles, and usage possibilities. After discussing clients' needs and identifying what security devices are currently in use we advice which our products would be the most suitable in particular objects to achieve reliable working of system, which radio network to choose in client's area and how would be possible to optimize workings of client's central control panel.


Technical support for existing customers

We teach all existing customers to use our equipment; we help in installing it and give all required products instructions and other important information. Together with security companies, we find ways to quickly solve all the issues. Also, we give consultations about equipment upgrade, new products, and advice how to adapt them to security systems that are already in use.

Warranty service

If a client informs us about a malfunction in our equipment, we respond quickly and efficiently. We perform all needed inspection and changes in the equipment by remotely accessing servers and devices. In the event of serious security system disruptions or technical failures, we perform emergency repairs or propose alternate modules to ensure smooth system work. 


Centralized monitoring console hardware and software update

We help our clients to update hardware and software working in centralized monitoring consoles. Also we give advice which receivers’ solutions to choose, what software and hardware to use.  Naturally, we help in launching clients' centralized monitoring consoles - we install and configure the equipment, servers and software. If there is a need for, we can integrate several different databases with reports on protected objects into one easily manageable database.


Depending on equipment configuration used in protected objects and in monitoring consoles, and short term and long term security company's goals, we create and implement unique security systems' solutions. We consult, prepare detailed technical projects, and afterwards most of the times we also help in realizing them. 


Prompt assistance