Universal Communicators
Connect user alarm systems to your monitoring station much more quickly and reliably.

Compatible with any alarm panel

Our communicators work with any alarm panel, including these leading brands:

 Any control panel
 Simple setup

Quick and simple setup

Your installers will not need to learn how to program each different alarm panel or communicator that they need to connect. Installation is made even easier with settings templates and remote configuration.

Save up to 2 hours on each installation

When connecting a TRIKDIS communicator via Serial Bus, there is usually no need to program the alarm panel. This saves up to 2 hours for the installer, especially when the installer code is not known.

 Easy Configuration
 No cables

Avoid wiring cables

With TRIKDIS cellular communicators and radio transmitters, you will not need to route Internet or telephone cables and configure the local network. This saves a lot of time, and you will receive event notifications even if the power is down at the installation location.

Receive event notifications from an unlimited number of accounts

TRIKDIS receivers support an unlimited number of connections and work reliably with many transmitters. Therefore, you can feel assured that communication will remain stable with a growing number of accounts.

Unlimited number of transmitters

Save time on maintenance

Save time on maintenance

Our communicators are working reliably not only in Europe but also in Latin America, Asia, and Africa under different network conditions. By using reliable devices, you will not need to repeatedly visit locations to restart or change equipment.

Provide additional value to your customers

All our communicators work with Protegus apps.
Your customers will appreciate remote control of their alarm system and notifications about events.

App for customers



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