Any transmission channel

With cellular communicators you will not need to lay Internet or telephone cables and configure the local network, making installation much easier.

Communicators can be ordered with 2G, 3G, 4G or 4G Cat-M1 modem.

4G Cat-M1 is a new LTE technology, that is much more cost-effective than regular 4G. It is being deployed globally.

You can use any SIM from your local operator or we can supply communicators with SIM cards included. We do not recommend using pre-paid SIM cards.

VHF/UHF – line-of-sight and beyond-line-of-sight

Radio transmitters work autonomously within security company’s built network, ensuring complete communication control and increased security.

Our radio transmitters send messages in Contact ID codes, providing detailed event information. Radio networks can be localized and remote, as messages can be delivered from radio network to monitoring station via radio-to-IP or GSM repeaters.


Usually LAN router and control panel are installed in different parts of the building. If Ethernet communicator is used, it requires laying internet cable in visible parts of the building.


WiFi networks are already available in all homes and businesses. Connecting system to wireless network is easy and does not require laying cables.

Dual path

Dual-path allows to send events via two communication paths, increasing security and saving costs for data consumption.

By adding a WiFi or Ethernet module to the main communicator, you can create a WiFi+Cellular or Ethernet+Cellular dual-path communicator.

No subscription

Unlimited users

Other communicators demand an ongoing subscription with integrated SIM cards. But why should you keep paying for something you’ve already bought?

That mindset is outdated, and the lack of alternatives inspired us to create our own solution with no monthly fees you can feel free to put your SIM card.

TRIKDIS receivers support an unlimited number of connections and work reliably with thousands transmitters.

Save time on each installation

Your installers will not need to learn how to program each different alarm panel or communicator that they need to connect. Installation is made even easier with settings templates and remote configuration.

Be confident it works

Our communicators are working reliably all around the world under different network conditions. By using reliable devices, you will not need to repeatedly visit locations to restart or change equipment.

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