RL14 User Manual

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IP/SMS receiver RL14 is purposed for Central Monitoring Stations (CMS). It is designed to receive messages transmitted through Trikdis transmission modules, which are sent in TCP/UDP protocols or SMS messages. After processing received messages, it sends the data to the monitoring software through LAN or RS232 port.

2 thoughts on “RL14 User Manual

  1. Philippos Koukoutsis says:

    We use IPcom Win with 350 Gprs and i think its time to move at more seriously solution.
    Can i replace the G10 module inside at RL14 with new G16 module ?
    Is likely to release its new model of RL14 ?
    It would be interesting a model with 2 Ethernet lan and 2 G16 module inside for backup or simultaneous use

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