SP231 Installation and Programming Manual

Control panel SP231 – intrusion (to premises) and fire alarming system (alarm system’s) processor part with integrated GSM/GPRS communicator. The control panel allows the user to switch on the alarm conveniently to protect the premises in the preferred mode and thus control the signals of different sensors and react to them. Upon occurrence of any system event, its report via GSM connection shall be transmitted to the Centralised Monitoring Station (CMS) and/or mobile phones of users. Modules that are compatible with control panel SP231: CZ8 (input expansion modules); E14 (Internet communicator); E16T (Internet communicator); W17U (Wi-Fi communicator); RFMOD2 (radio module for wireless sensors); iO8 (input and output expander); CZ-Dallas (iButton contact key reader); DB18B20 and BD18S20 (temperature sensors).

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