IP/SMS receiver RL14

IP/SMS receiver RL14 is intended for receiving event notifications sent by Trikdis GPRS/GSM/Ethernet transmitters and control panels.

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• Hardware IP receiver features a built-in industrial computer with IPcom Linux software installed, which ensures long and uninterrupted operation. The receiver is controlled remotely from Windows OS with IPcom Control software.
• The RL14 receiver ensures continuous communication control with receivers within the Network. If communication is lost, a notification is generated and sent to the monitoring program. This helps with identification of possible intentional blockings of communication as well as operator communication disruptions;
• RL14 monitors the communication with a monitoring program and notifies of any disruptions that occur on the local area network;
• Remote connection to the receiver is with assigned user rights. Administrator, operators and technicians can access only the information intended for them;
• RL14 enables remote modification of settings of a selected GPRS device (transmitter, control panel) or the entire group of them, updating of operation program, and changing of status of PGM outputs;
• The standard-size receiver frame is suitable for professional installation in server racks;
• The receiver can also function as a concentrator, that is, it can route not only the signals it receives, but also signals received by other receivers and transmit them to the monitoring program: thus COM port outputs in RL14 are made use of.

TRIKDIS IP receivers

ReceiverIPcom Win 1.15IPcom Linux 3.05RL14
IP receiver
Ability to have multiple virtual receivers
Receiving via RS2323 configurable RS232 ports
SMS receiver modem, SMPPOptional/ GM14Optional/ GM14
LAN IP outputmultiplemultiple
Output via RS2323 configurable RS232 ports
Remote configuration of E16T, G16x and SPx series communicators via IP
Remote control PGM outputs of G16x communicators
Display of module version, software version and IMEI or MAC address
Removal of all objects from the objects’ list with one button
Retransmitting event messages to PROTEGUS
2 IP addresses can be used for receiving
IPcom process control (Watchdog)
PING test for communication control
Tracking of modules messages+ filtering+ filtering
Object list export to CSV file
Filter for radio messages
Monas 3 protocol (for radio systems)
Add-in card receiver slots (Telephone RT2, Radio RF11)
Rack mount case


Maximum number of connected IP communicatorsUnlimited
IP communication protocolsTCP/IP, UDP/IP
IP communication formatTrikdis TRK-3, TRK-6, TRK-7
Virtual “Input” portsUp to 2 ports with standard licence
Virtual “Output” portsUp to 2 ports with standard licence
RS232 ports3
RS232 port typePlug DB9 connector (male connection)
RS232 port purposeAny port set as “Input” or “Output”
Data output protocolsSurgard MLR2-DG, Monas3
Parameter setting and performance monitoringWith Windows software client IPcomControl v4
WorkplacesUp to 2 workplaces with standard licence
Network card portRJ-45 (FastEthernet 10/100)
Integrated GSM modem850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz
Integrated SMS receiver SIM cardRegular size, not supplied with the receiver
Power supply100 – 240 V (50 / 60 Hz) AC network.
AC current (Max.): 0.75A/115VAC, 0.5A/230VAC
Power consumptionUp to 60 W
Operating temperature rangeFrom 0 °C to +55 °C
Dimensions19” 1U (450 x 50 x 320 mm)
Weight2,1 kg



RL14, Manual


IPcom User manual

August 8, 2021

RL14 User Manual

January 27, 2022


    RL14, Marketing material


    RL14 Brochure

    May 11, 2021


      RL14, Certificate

        Software and firmware

        RL14, Software


        IPcom for PC on OS MS Windows
        February 14, 2022

        Software IPcomControl

        August 8, 2021

        TrikdisConfig Full
        July 28, 2022

          RL14, Firmware

            RL14 file archive


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