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Professional software designed for Linux OS, which receives messages from TRIKDIS devices via GSM and Ethernet connection. IPcom Linux provides advanced communicator administration, remote configuration, and updates functions to ensure stable and smooth remote monitoring.

IPcom Linux software receives intruder and fire alarm messages sent in IP protocols and SMS messages that are transmitted in TRIKDIS protocols. The software is installed on Linux OS server. IPcom Linux automatically performs constant control of connection with communicators. Received messages are transmitted to the monitoring program.


IPcom Linux software:

  • receives messages via IP connection channels
  • receives messages via SMS channels
  • receives messages from TRIKDIS repeaters
  • automatically forms a list of registered objects
  • automatically performs constant control of connection with communicators with individual schedule for each device

IPcom Linux software allows to:

  • filter and convert received messages using determined criteria
  • make copies of registered object list
  • remotely change settings for multiple communicators and update their software
  • remotely control operation for supported devices
  • receive messages from repeaters
  • receive messages using the serial ports of other receiver devices


Features and differences of TRIKDIS IP receivers are described in the table below.

TRIKDIS IP imtuvai

ReceiverIPcom Win 1.15IPcom Linux 3.05RL14
IP receiver
Ability to have multiple virtual receivers
Receiving via RS232  3 configurable
RS232 ports
SMS receiver modem, SMPPOptional/




LAN IP outputmultiplemultiple
Output via RS2323 configurable
RS232 ports
Remote configuration of E16T, G16x and SPx series communicators via IP
Remote control PGM outputs of G16x communicators
Display of module version, software version and IMEI or MAC address
Removal of all objects from the objects’ list with one button
Retransmitting event messages to PROTEGUS
2 IP addresses can be used for receiving
IPcom process control (Watchdog)
PING test for communication control
Tracking of modules messages+ filtering+ filtering
Object list export to CSV file
Filter for radio messages
Rack mount case


Data input  Ethernet (RJ45) or WAN                                                                                        
Flow rateup to 50 messages/s*
Memory1000 messages
Data outputRS232 (DB9) or Ethernet (RJ45)
Output protocolSurgard
Operating system                  Debian 6.0.6, Slackware 13.1, Ubuntu 14

*Flow rate depends on computer parameters



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