TrikdisConfig and module FW updates

TrikdisConfig v1.66.5 New firmware for devices SP231, E16T, CG17, G16, G17F and GV17 are added to TrikdisConfig install file. After these devices are connected to TrikdisConfig, they will be offered to be updated. SP231v2_181003135207 4G modem support. Control panel can now be ordered with these modems. Ethernet communicators E16T and E14 can be connected to[…]

Update TrikdisConfig

New dual-path solution When a W485 or E485 add-on module is connected to a T16 radio transmitter, this provides a dual-path communication with primary reporting over WiFi or Ethernet and backup reporting over VHF/UHF radio. Dual-path creates a robust communication solution with the best from two worlds. Radio transmission works on the security company’s private radio network, it is highly resistant to jamming. Meanwhile,[…]

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