Modernize your security, accelerate innovation

Protegus is a flexible, security automation app
that enables management of alarm system right in your pocket.

Multiple locations, one login

Manage multiple locations from one dashboard. Consolidate security acrross multiple locations and streamline security across your alarm systems.

Event notifications

Customers will receive messages with detailed information about events. This is useful for both companies and home users as they will know what happened and when, including who armed or disarmed the system.

Give your customers complete control.

With Protegus, manage keyholders, monitor all activity, and even assign mobile keys from any device, anywhere, at any time.

Remotely control equipment

Control gates, air conditioning, heating, lights or other connected equipment and check temperature at any time.

Need help deploying a system?
We’ve got you covered.

Our onboarding team will take care of all the heavy lifting from coordinating the install, ordering the equipment and testing the system so you can focus on what matters most to your business.

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App customized to your brand

Offer your clients a self-service app without investing in its development. This will increase the value and appeal of your company’s security services.

Supports the old, welcomes the new

On top of smart technology, we support every type of alarm panel on the market.

All our communicators work with Protegus apps.


Compatible with any alarm panel

Our communicators are working reliably all around the world under different network conditions. By using reliable devices, you will not need to repeatedly visit locations to restart or change equipment.

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