Modernize your security, accelerate innovation

Protegus is a flexible, security automation app
that enables management of alarm system right in your pocket.

Multiple locations, one login

Manage multiple locations from one dashboard. Consolidate security acrross multiple locations and streamline security across your alarm systems.

Event notifications

Customers will receive messages with detailed information about events. This is useful for both companies and home users as they will know what happened and when, including who armed or disarmed the system.

Give your customers complete control.

With Protegus, manage keyholders, monitor all activity, and even assign mobile keys from any device, anywhere, at any time.

Remotely control equipment

Control gates, heating, lights or other connected equipment and check temperature at any time.

Need help deploying a system?
We’ve got you covered.

Our onboarding team will take care of all the heavy lifting from coordinating the install, ordering the equipment and testing the system so you can focus on what matters most to your business.

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App customized to your brand

Offer your clients a self-service app without investing in its development. This will increase the value and appeal of your company’s security services.

Supports the old, welcomes the new

On top of smart technology, we support every type of alarm panel on the market.

All our communicators work with Protegus apps.


Compatible with any alarm panel

Our communicators are working reliably all around the world under different network conditions. By using reliable devices, you will not need to repeatedly visit locations to restart or change equipment.

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Protegus FAQs


  1. Go to
  2. Press Sign Up.
  3. In new window enter your details:
    1. Select language,
    2. Enter Your full name,
    3. E-mail address,
    4. Enter Your password (more than 6 symbols),
    5. Finally, re-enter Your password.
  4. Press Sign up and find Account confirmation email in your inbox.
  5. In the confirmation letter, you will find a link for confirming Your account, click on it.
  6. After confirmation, you can Log in to WEB service account.
There are two main reasons why You did not receive confirmation letter:
  1. Sometimes confirmation letters are recognized as spam and located in Spam or Trash folder.
  2. If You cannot find this letter in Spam or Trash folder, check if You entered correct e-mail address.
  1. From home page go to Your profile.
  2. Click on Change password.
  3. Enter current password.
  4. Enter new password.
  5. Re-enter new password.
  1. In page press “Forgot your password?”
  2. In the new window, enter your registered e-mail address and press Send.
  3. You will receive an email with password reset link.
  4. If You are sure that you need to reset password, open the link in the email.
  5. The new window should appear, here You can enter New password.
  6. Retype new password and confirm it.
  7. From now You have the new password for Protegus platform.
  1. From home page go to Your profile.
  2. Click on Change e-mail.
  3. Enter Your new e-mail address.
  4. Enter Current password.

You should go to your account using other phone or computer and change your account password.

The main user is the first user, who adds a new security system in Protegus. He can:
  1. Enter or change the names for system partitions, zones, outputs.
  2. Enter or change system information (name, address etc.).
  3. Send invitations to other regular users to access the system or specific system area. This is a secure way to allow access to family members, co-workers, or tenants.

The amount of systems per user is not limited.


Protegus is free to use for end-users.

Some features, such as custom branded app or Company account involves a fee for business customers.

You need to have a TRIKDIS communicator and connect it to any 3rd party alarm system.

Or you can use one of the alarm panels or controllers from TRIKDIS.

  1. See the status of your home or business security system in real-time.
  2. Receive push notifications about system events and alarms in a mobile device.
  3. Arm/Disarm the security system.
  4. Describe zones, areas and users.
  5. Send invites for other users to join and control the system.
  6. Remotely control gates, heating, lights or other equipment.
  7. View temperature data.

You will receive notifications about system events and alarms (armed/disarmed system, temperature changes, fire, tests and etc.). There is a possibility to choose what content you want to receive in a push notification. For this check question How to set push notifications in PROTEGUS mobile app?“.

Protegus works on Android and iOS phones.
You can use mobile app if Your Android version is at least 4.01, but it is recommended to use 5.0 version or newer.
With iOS phones, it is possible to use the app in all newly updated versions.
Android Google play store:
Apple App store:

TRIKDIS cellular communicators use around 5 MB, and the SP231 alarm control panel uses around 20MB of data per month.

Yes, for the app to work you need to connect on of our communicators to the alarm panel.


The main user can invite other users to all systems or select one system. To send an invite:
    1. Choose system, or if You want that new user would join all systems skip this step.
    2. Go to Settings and choose Users.
    3. In System users list you can see which users are in the system and by pressing Add user you can add new user.
    4. Enter new users E-mail, choose what he/she will be able to see and click Add user.
    5. A new user should get invitation letter with link.

Yes, if You want to do it from the mobile phone, tablet app or desktop internet browser.

Usually it takes just a few seconds. However, this time can be influenced by Wi-Fi and mobile data speed. Security equipment also has an impact on response time.

During system arming, push notification is generated only after exit delay time lapses.

System in Protegus can have only one Master user at a time.

If you own a device that was already added to Protegus, you can:

  1. Request the current Master user to transfer the system to your account. He/she has to go to that system settings and press “Transfer or delete system”.
  2. Contact TRIKDIS to delete that IMEI/Unique ID number from Protegus. To prove your ownership, you need to send a photo of the device sticker with IMEI/Unique ID number visible. Please also write the IMEI/Unique ID number in text.
Setting notifications in app:
  1. Choose the system, which push notifications you want to configure.
  2. Then go to Preferences.
  3. From Settings list choose Notification settings.
  4. Select which type of events you want to receive with push notifications.

You can reach your Protegus account by entering for mobile web site and for regular web site. In this case, you will not get push notifications.

  1. Press Select system and then Add new system +.
  2. Enter the IMEI address of your device. IMEI can be found on the packaging of the device.
  3. Enter the Access code. Access code is an authentication code to establish connection with your communication device and Protegus platform. Code must match the one written in the communication device. By default, the code is 123456. If Access code has been changed, contact the distributor.
  4. Press Create to add new system.
  5. The very first user to add the system becomes the Main user of it, which can invite new users to the system, edit names of the areas, zones, outputs, sensors and to edit other various system parameters.

This is history of system events (system arm/disarm, alarms and recoveries, and etc.). The history of events is saved in the archive for 3 months.

These are temperature sensors which show room temperature data.

TRIKDIS devices work with Dallas temperature sensors. Sensors can be connected directly to TRIKDIS control panels.

For the sensors to work with TRIKDIS communicators you will need an iO or iO-WL expander.

Outputs are remotely controllable electronic switches, that can turn on/off equipment, which is connected to them.
They can be used to control gates, heating and home lights.
Also they can be used for Arming/Disarming the alarm system by connecting them to keyswitch zone of the panel.
Stay mode – home mode, people can be inside the secured place. When door is opened, entry detay time counter starts.
Sleep mode – night mode, security alarm is on, people can be in the rooms. When door is opened, alarm Is sounded immediately.
Bypass – it allows to Arm the system despite faults or activity in certain zones


Follow the steps described in this PDF: Protegus_how_to_add_logo

Yes, we can create a custom branded version of Protegus, matching company’s logo and colors. Here are some examples:

If you are interested, contact us for a quote.

We can create a custom service for each security company, so it would have their own web-service running with their logo and graphics; and it can run in our server, using existing Protegus apps. Running custom services in our server, we can manage and upgrade them centrally, so security companies would not need to have a dedicated system administrator. With a cloud setup, there is no need to do separate installations in Linux server, do separate maintenance, and upload custom apps in marketplaces.

Protegus can work in two modes: as stand-alone and with monitoring software. Protegus will read events from monitoring software database. In this mode, it can work even with 3rd party systems without any Trikdis equipment, but functionality will be limited – displaying area status and events.
Note: When integrating with monitoring software, Protegus can still run in our Server to avoid additional installation. Communication with monitoring software would be via IP. If monitoring software does not support IP inputs, IP to serial bus converter can be used.