Smart App for any Alarm Panel
Your customers will appreciate remote control of their alarm system and notifications about events.


Every alarm system is compatible

You will be able to offer Protegus to any customer, no matter what alarm system he has. Use TRIKDIS communicators to connect any alarm panel to Protegus.

 Any alarm panel
 Optimal design

App customized to your brand

Offer your clients a self-service app without investing in its development. This will increase the value and appeal of your company’s security services.

Remote-control the alarm system

With the app, customers will see their alarm system status and will be able to arm/disarm it remotely.

 Arm Disarm
Event notifications 

Event notifications

Customers will receive messages with detailed information about events. This is useful for both companies and home users as they will know what happened and when, including who armed or disarmed the system.

Remotely control equipment

Control gates, air conditioning, heating, lights or other connected equipment and check temperature at any time.

Remote control



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