Update TrikdisConfig

New dual-path solution When a W485 or E485 add-on module is connected to a T16 radio transmitter, this provides a dual-path communication with primary reporting over WiFi or Ethernet and backup reporting over VHF/UHF radio. Dual-path creates a robust communication solution with the best from two worlds. Radio transmission works on the security company’s private radio network, it is highly resistant to jamming. Meanwhile,[…]

Six security companies

Merger of six security companies We were contacted by an actively expanding security company who had acquired six security companies in six different towns. After evaluation we created a project proposal, which allowed to update the used hardware and to connect it to one easily controlled system, keeping as much of the old equipment as possible.[…]

ATM protection

ATM protection solution by implementing opening authorisation from CMS Security firm offering ATM security services requested a solution that would ensure the control of connection with Central Monitoring Station (CMS) and would provide an option to authorise the ATM opening remotely from CMS. We have offered a solution involving two connection channels and remote authorisation[…]

Growing Security Firm

We were contacted by a rapidly growing security firm which is continuously increasing the number of protected objects. After evaluation, we created a project proposal, which allowed to match our software Linux Ipcom with the client’s existing server structure and used a monitoring program. Situation Client A rapidly growing security firm which is continuously increasing[…]

Bryansk Crisis Centre

A newly established Crisis Management Centre in Bryansk, Russia, seeking to centralise the monitoring, surveillance and protection of 22 regions has contacted us for cooperation. After evaluation we created a project proposal, which allowed to reduce administration costs, improve response time and to synchronise information from regional stations with database of the central office. Situation[…]

Change from PSTN to GSM

Security Company that undertook the change from wired copper telephone lines to cellular IP connection to optimise performance and prevent lost signals. Situation Analog telephone lines in the country were being replaced by VoIP telephony.  This lead to unstable communication between alarm panel diallers and the monitoring station. Many various Caddx, DSC and other alarm[…]

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