TC v1.66.30

Trikdis Config

  • Adapted to configure operating parameters for a new product Flexi SP3 panel with RJ45 Ethernet connector and 4G modem.
  • The new version operating program v2.03 of the controller GATOR GV17 has been loaded;
  • The new version operating program V1.08 for all modifications panel FLEXI SP3 has been loaded;

SP3 v1.08


  • From now on, to add or remove user codes with the keyboard will be allowed by entering the Master code;
  • From now on it will be possible to set the keypad to show the status of the two-wire fire sensor;
  • From now on, the factory default settings for control panel sending SMS messages for all events will be inactive;
  • Improved communication over communication networks.

GV17 v2.03


  • From now on it will be possible to set a one-time SMS message to be sent to the user when his / her phone number is added to the GATOR GV17 user list;
  • New functions have been added to the contact activation schedule for the automatic OUT controller.
  • Improved performance of GATOR GV17 with SIM cards and mobile networks.

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