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TRIKDIS Communicator Line – Fully Compatible with the Latest Paradox Control Panels

The world of security is constantly evolving, and at TRIKDIS, we are dedicated to staying ahead of the curve. That’s why we’re excited to announce that our communicator line, including the G16, E16 models, are now fully compatible with the latest Paradox control panels SP5500+, SP6000+, SP7000+, and MG5050+. This compatibility update means that security[…]

TRIKDIS FLEXi SP3 64 zones and Honeywell Sensors

Are you tired of outdated security systems that can’t keep up with your needs? Look no further than the new FLEXi SP3 from TRIKDIS. This cutting-edge control panel now supports 64 zones, providing maximum protection for your home or business. But the FLEXi SP3 isn’t just about more zones – it’s also about better technology.[…]

LoRa what’s so great about it?

LoRa devices have revolutionized the Internet of Things (IoT) by enabling data communication over a long range while using very little power. LoRa is ideal for applications that transmit small chunks of data with low bit rates and data can be transmitted at a longer range compared to technologies like WiFi, Bluetooth, or ZigBee. It’s[…]

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