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Ethernet module E485

The “Ethernet” communicator E485 is compatible with the Cellular communicators G16 and G16T(firmware from 1.32) and is designed to transmit data and control commands via the wired Internet network. By using the E485 in conjunction with the G16 or G16T, messages are sent to the CMS (central monitoring station) via the wired internet network and in this case the mobile Internet is not used. When communication is interrupted on the wired internet network, messages are sent to the monitoring station via the mobile internet network. Insert SIM card into the communicator G16 (G16T), that worked E485.

E485 Communicator transmits complete information about events to the monitoring station receiver.

  • RS485




  • Connection type: wired internet.

Settings and installation

  • Quick and easy installation.


  • Two primary connection channel and two secondary connection channel.
  • Alternative sending of event logs to Protegus app, which allows the user to monitor the security system remotely.
  • The communicator uses Contact ID codes to transmit event messages.


Parameter Description
Power supply voltage 9-28 V DC
Current consumption 50 mA (stand-by)

Up to 150 mA (transmitting)

Compatible equipment Cellular communicator G16 and G16T (firmware 1.32); cellular gate controller GV17 (firmware 1.06)
Connection to CMS TCP/IP or UDP/IP via LAN
Event transmission protocol TRK_TCP or TRK_UDP
Event sending In Contact ID codes
Encryption key 6 simbol encryption key
Ethernet PHY IEEE802.3,  10-100BaseTX, Full-duplex, RJ45 port
Network configuration type DHCP or manual network configuration (from the main managed device G16 or G16T)
Operating environment Temperature from –10 °C to +50 °C, relative air humidity – up to 80 % at +20 °C
Dimensions 88 x 62 x 26 mm
Weight 80 g



IconE485 User manual

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        Software and firmware

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