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1920 keypad

We are excited to introduce the updated Keypad FLEXi SK LCD and Keypad FLEXi SK LED W security keypads, now known as the SK-LCD TouchPad and SK-LED TouchPad Keypads. These keypads are designed to significantly improve the touch sensitivity of previous models and feature enhanced performance and new features that will provide installers and users with several key benefits:

Installer Convenience:

  • Significantly improved touch sensitivity: The keypads respond sensitively to touch, ensuring reliable and accurate control.
  • Area binding capability: You can now assign a keypad to a specific area using the FLEXi SP3 control panel. This is an ideal feature for properties with multiple separate areas that require separate keypads.
  • Easy installation: The compact design and simple connections make the keypads easy to install.
  • Reliable performance: Updated firmware ensures smooth and reliable operation.

Additional Benefits:

  • Sleek, minimalist design: The keypads blend seamlessly with any décor.
  • Touch-sensitive buttons with backlight: Convenient control even in the dark.
  • Multi-language support (SK-LCD TouchPad): The keypad now supports 10 languages
    English, Lithuanian, Spanish, Hebrew, Russian, Hungarian, Greek, Finnish, Norwegian
  • Emergency call codes: Quick access to help with a single button press.
  • Brightness and volume control: Convenient keypad customization for personal preferences.


Sleek minimalistic design keypad with LCD screen, designed for FLEXi SP3 control panel. Backlit sensor touch buttons with tone. Multi-language support. The FLEXi is a highly advanced, multifunction alarm control system, designed to flawlessly manage your security system at home or at business, protects you against burglary.

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