Transmitter T16

RF transmitter T16 is a multifunctional radio device used for transmitting security control panel event messages via TRIKDIS radio networks.

The transmitter can send its own event messages and event messages received from security control panels to the CMS (central monitoring station) with the possibility to forward to the end user.

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  • Sends event messages to CMS.
  • RAS3, RAS2M, LARS1, LARS radio network protocols.
  • Output power from 1 W to 5 W.
  • Possibility to use external IP transmitter as main communication channel.
  • Transmission of event messages using Contact ID and 4+2 codes.
  • Use of security control panel account ID for multi-area systems.


  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Firmware updates.
  • Two types of access levels (accounts), for the installer and for the administrator.
  • Possibility to configure remotely when an IP transmitter is used.

Serial port, inputs and outputs

  • Universal serial port for connecting various security control panels.
  • TIP/RING landline interface can accept messages from the control panel in Contract ID and 4+2 codes.
  • RS485 interface for IP transmitters and extension modules.
  • 6 inputs, selectable types: NC, NO, EOL (2,2 kΩ). (T16V, T16U)

5 inputs, selectable types: NC, NO, EOL (2,2 kΩ). (T16U2)

  • 1 output. (T16V, T16U)
  • 2 output. (T16U2)


Power supply voltage10-15 V DC
Current consumptionUp to 50 mA (stand-by mode)

Up to 1,2 A (sending mode)

Radio frequencies136 MHz – 174 MHz (VHF)430 MHz – 512 MHz (UHF)430 MHz – 470 MHz (UHF)
Radio channels2
RF output resistance50 Ω
Secondary emissionsMeets the requirements of EN 300 113
Broadcasting protocolsRAS3, RAS2M, LARS, LARS1, LARS_RAS2M, LARS1_RAS2M
Broadcasting time60-400 ms (depends on chosen radio protocol)
MemoryUp to 32 messages
Inputs6, selectable types: NC, NO, EOL (2,2 кΩ)6, selectable types: NC, NO, EOL (2,2 кΩ)5, selectable types: NC, NO, EOL (2,2 кΩ)
Output1, OC type, commutation voltage 15 V, 1 A1, OC type, commutation voltage 15 V, 1 A2, OC type, commutation voltage 15 V, 1 A
Event message formatContact ID; 4+2
Operating environmentTemperature from –20 °C to +50 °C, relative air humidity 80 % at +20 °C
Dimensions113 x 71 x 26 mm
Weight0,10 kg



T16, Manual


T16 User Manual

February 6, 2023


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    T16 Brochure

    August 6, 2021


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