TRIKDIS made software controls and graphically displays alarm messages sent by our transmitters, receivers and security control panels.

Fully suitable for both small and large alarm receiving centres

Our created modular server and intruder alarm monitoring software can be adapted to the needs of both security companies who are starting their activities, and who already have a high number of secured objects. Our clients can choose the necessary software and server architecture (Windows or Linux), or simply to buy the fully arranged receiver RL10.



Easy to handle

Due to well-thought-out user interface and simple operation principle our software is not over-loaded with operators' and technicians' time consuming or distracting functions. 

Operating under the same logic

All of our software, no matter for which product it is developed, works under the same logic. Therefore, when you master one, you will be able to control all other our products' software. This helps to reduce learning time for your employees and thereby your company's expenditure.



Stable and reliable

Due to aforementioned reasons - not being loaded with unnecessary functions, notably stable work environment (usually Linux OS) and optimal software source code - we guarantee stable and reliable working of our software.

Works with Linux and Windows OS

We know that smaller security companies usually do not have Linux OS servers’ equipment which requires professional maintenance, therefore our IPcom software can be also used with Windows OS.