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iO8-LoRa Input and output expander

iO8-LORA is expander for FLEXi SP3 control panel and TRIKDIS LoRa series modules, it increase the number of inputs and outputs in a device.
The operating range is up to 5000 m.
LoRa (from “Long-Range”) is a physical proprietary radio communication technique.

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  • Line-of-sight wireless range up to 5000 m.
  • Up to 8 iO-8-LORA wireless expanders can be connected to the “FLEXi” SP3 control panel.

Inputs and outputs:

  • 8 I/O terminals, each one can be set as an input (IN) or output (OUT). Input (IN) types: ATZ, EOL, NC, NO. Different value of resistors can be used in EOL and ATZ type circuits.


  • The iO-8-LORA wireless expander is connected to the “FLEXi” SP3 control panel via the RF-LORA transceiver.



Parameter Description
Transmission frequency 4F modification: 433,3 – 434,7 MHz
8F modification: 867 – 869 MHz
Modulation type LORA
Power supply voltage 10-26 V DC
Current consumption Up to 50 mA (stand-by)

Up to 120 mA (short-term, while sending)

Report encryption Yes
Range in open space Up to 5000 m
Dual purpose terminals [I/O] 8, IN or OUT function selected during programming. When IN is selected, available types: NC, NO, EOL, EOL_T, 3EOL, ATZ, ATZ_T. When OUT is selected, the terminal becomes open collector (OC) type with up to 100 mA current
Operating environment Temperature from –20 °C to +50 °C, relative humidity – up to 80% at +20 °C
Dimensions 65 x 90 x 12 mm
Weight 80 g





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