G16 and G16T with the additional module E485 (Ethernet) or W485 (WiFi) is the perfect solution to upgrade the alarm panels to LTE and IP or WiFi using the PROTEGUS application.

Alarm Communicators

Ethernet module E485

Alarm Communicators

Ethernet module E485

Alarm Communicators

Wi-Fi module W485


DUAL channel for greater protection of your assets.
Choose whichever is most convenient for main channel – Ethernet or WiFi

Upgrade with less investment
No need to change the existing system. PROTEGUS App and Ethernet or Wifi as the primary channel minimizes the transmission and consumption of DATA.

Create an automation system and control it remotely
Manage what is important: lights, heating, doors with the same PROTEGUS app

Upgrade your alram system

with a new solution and create the most convenient option for you and your customer!

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