New dual-path solution

When a W485 or E485 add-on module is connected to a T16 radio transmitter, this provides a dual-path communication with primary reporting over WiFi or Ethernet and backup reporting over VHF/UHF radio.

Dual-path creates a robust communication solution with the best from two worlds. Radio transmission works on the security company’s private radio network, it is highly resistant to jamming. Meanwhile, WiFi or Ethernet connection provides remote alarm system control with Protegus app, remote configuration of the T16 and firmware updates.

W485 and E485 add-on modules provide additional WiFi or Ethernet connectivity for TRIKDIS cellular communicators and panels.

Alarm Communicators

Transmitter T16

Alarm Communicators

Wi-Fi module W485

Alarm Communicators

Ethernet module E485

The new T16 + W485/E485 dual-path feature is available with the T16 firmware T16_191114_1v24.fw and TrikdisConfig v.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about this solution or TRIKDIS products in general.

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