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Software Monas MS

Alarm monitoring software Monas MS is designed to display, process, store and react to messages received in the centralized monitoring stations. Additional modules provide advanced features for alarm monitoring and response.

  • Windows



  • All in one – alarm monitoring, management and control of rapid response teams, remote access for technical personnel
  • Unlimited geographic coverage
  • Multi-language support
  • Simple user interface
  • Increased efficiency


We can convert the current monitoring software database to Monas MS software database, keeping all existing records.


Monas MS system requirements:

Component Minimum Requirements (up to 2000 objects)  Recommended Specifications (from 2000 objects) 

Dual-Core 2.4 GHz

Quad-Core 3.2GHz (4 CPUs)

Memory 8 GB or more RAM 16 – 32 GB or more RAM
SSD Disk 240 GB or higher free space
Database 150 GB of free space 500 GB of free space 20 000 objects ≈7 GB/month
Operating System Windows 10 64 bit (Pro/Ultimate/Enterprise)

Note: Computer parameters may be lower if a separate Monas MS client workplace is being installed in a network. Meeting OS Win 7 installation requirements is sufficient.

Trial version DEMO:

A free basic equipment software Monas MS allows to monitor up to 30 objects.

Demo, Monas MS, Software March 22, 2023
Demo, Monas MS, Software March 22, 2023

    Please download Monas MS DEMO database here

    Basic modules


    Receiver unit – For receiving and managing messages via serial or IP ports from all TRIKDIS or 3rd party receivers.

    • Compatible with Surgard and other communication formats
    • Very flexible database, site card and data mapping
    • Optimal distribution of received messages
    • RS232 and TCP/IP receiving channels


    Dispatch unit – Workspace for ARC operators to display and process received alarm messages, ensuring maximum security of monitored sites.

    • User-friendly environment, object card and data display
    • Easy to learn
    • Optimisation of operators’ work to save time of event processing (e.g. database of 10000 accounts is easily managed by 2 operators)
    MS SQL Database – For all data on monitored sites, history, system behaviour, and integration with 3rd party applications.

    • Traceability of actions and results
    • Very flexible database, object card and data display
    • Reports and analytics
    Administration unit – For organizing workplaces, determining the procedure for reaction and response to alarm messages, setting up schedules for database backups.

    • System management convenience
    • Widely configurable user rights and  extensive search filters
    Control unit – For monitoring the status (activated/deactivated) of monitored sites and determining the schedule when status is monitored.

    • Accurate control of status in monitored sites
    • Freely programmable site control schedule
    Video verification unit – Reliable solution for quick verification of possible danger to monitored site.

    • Quick links to video cameras installed at monitored site

    Additional modules

    NAV Module – Provides navigation to rapid response teams, by transferring GPS coordinates and providing communication with text messages. Routes are stored automatically and are used to generate route reports.

    • Messages are directly transmitted to response team’s navigation system
    • Complete control and management of each rapid response team
    • Automatic log of response team’s status and actions
    • Teams can send detailed pre-set reports 
    NEW! NAV2 navigation is a full navigation system with global offline maps, powered by Android apps and communicating with Monas MS via GPRS.
    MAPS module – Displays the location of protected sites and rapid response teams on the interactive map. The operator can keep track of the team arrival and departure time to assigned geo-zone.

    • Comprehensive display of the information for the operator
    • Simplified analysis of the rapid response team activity
    • Synchronized GPS and Event reports
    SMS/Email Module – Monitoring station can send text SMS messages or Emails to their customers informing about events.

    • Automatic and manual SMS and/or Email messaging to customers
    • Individual SMS/Email message assignment
    • SMS generation with SMS modem or SMPP server
    Videofied Module – Fully integrated RSI-Videofied Alarm system.

    • This feature gives ability to quickly verify any possible danger in monitored site when Videofied alarm panel is installed
    Advanced Reporting Module – For creating, printing and safe-keeping of multi-layered reports.

    • Detailed analysis of ARC effectiveness
    • Ready to integrate with 3rd party accounting and billing software
    WEB Module – Module allows remote access to the data Monas MS during the equipment installation site data setup or technical maintenance.

    • Versatility – site’s data may be accessed from mobile device which supports HTTP
    • Remote access to site’s data editing for technical personnel



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          Software and firmware

          IconMonasMS client setup x86_64 Demo

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