Did you hear about the trend to move all services to the Cloud?

For monitoring stations this means getting all customer alarm system events from a single source. All events first go to a central Cloud server, and then are distributed to individual monitoring stations. Such service is usually priced as a subscription.

However majority of security companies we met value independence that comes from keeping receivers and existing infrastructure, they are reluctant to start using such Cloud based services.


Meanwhile with Protegus security company gets all benefits of Cloud solution and maintains the highest level of security and in-house control. With Protegus you can provide your customers with apps, without compromising the ARC connection:

  • TRIKDIS receivers can forward events to Protegus apps for customers. This ensures that the event first reaches the monitoring station.
  • TRIKDIS communicators can send events to both monitoring station and to customers in parallel. Using this way a priority is always given to the primary connection with the monitoring station – there is no risk that customers will be informed about alarms before the ARC.


If you would like to connect your receiver to Protegus, or if you have any other questions, just let us know.

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    Can you support in the Philippines or you have Team so that we can ask more info for trikdis.

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