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Growing Security Firm

We were contacted by a rapidly growing security firm that is continuously increasing the number of protected objects. After evaluation, we created a project proposal, which allowed us to match our software Linux Ipcom with the client’s existing server structure and used a monitoring program.


Client A rapidly growing security firm which is continuously increasing the number of protected objects.


The server program of the security firm was unable to receive messages from monitored objects in a reliable manner after the number of protected objects exceeded several thousand.

Modules would send test PING messages checking the connection, but server software was unable to process the data and reflect the real situation due to a large number of incoming messages.


To find a solution that would allow securing a steady connection between the central monitoring station and modules in the secured objects without replacing too much of the equipment in operation.

To integrate an IP receiver into the structure of the existing station equipment of the security firm and prepare it for operation along with a monitoring program used by the client. Hardware and Software Equipment–        Two Ipcom servers (main and standby) for receiving messages

A client has already had two Linux OS servers. One of them has begun to function as the main server and another as a standby server once our program Linux Ipcom was installed.

–       Two servers (main and standby) with installed monitoring program for message monitoring

The security firm used two monitoring program servers. New Linux Ipcom servers transfer the data on protected objects to both monitoring program servers.

–       Safe data transfer using public networks

Safe VPN (Virtual Private Network) GSM cards for operation within a closed security firm network were introduced. Thus, the server was protected from external access from public networks and only 1 MB data flow is used per module monthly.


Our software Linux Ipcom was matched with the client’s existing server structure and used a monitoring program. Regardless of that the security firm is currently monitoring more than 10000 objects, the number of connection faults and related costs decreased significantly after the equipment was updated, whereas connection reliability increased. The security firm has appreciated a simple and fast setup of GPRS connection modules G10 in protected objects. Operation efficiency was improved significantly by the introduction of a remote control function that allows changing operation parameters for a number of modules at the same time. Until then, setting module parameters for hundreds of modules one at a time was a difficult and time-consuming task.

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