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New video guide for Protegus APP

E16T with dsc

Would like to share that we have just uploaded new video manuals. Please check them out.

Ethernet communicator E16T with DSC Neo

This video will show how to set up TRIKDIS Ethernet communicator E16T with DSC PowerSeries Neo panel and Protegus apps. Follow similar steps to set up with any other panel that has a landline (TIP RING) dialler.

Cellular communicator G16 with Honeywell Vista

This video will show how to set up Trikdis G16 communicator with Honeywell Vista panel and Protegus apps.

On our Youtube channel you will find video manuals for other models and brands of control panels. Let us know if your favourite control panel model is missing.

Best regards,

Trikdis Team


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