Alarm System Medical Assistance

Sistema de Alarma junto con la Asistencia Médica

Alarm System in conjunction with Medical Assistance

We adapted our alarm system FLEXi_SP3 for medical assistance. It allows Private Medical Assistance Company to provide medical services to people in their residences or wherever they are.

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The FLEXi_SP3 panel is installed and within the programming, a button is placed that sends a pulse to the panel. The paramedics through the Protegus application receives the information as a medical emergency.

Additionally, a PGM is enabled, and it becomes a virtual button. It’s used when the person is away from their residence. When the virtual button is activated, the information reaches the medics and they know that the person requires their service and is away from the residence.



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MONAS MS monitoring software and Protegus application are used for the coordination of work between the Medical Assistance Center and the Paramedics.

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Panic button

GATOR_GV17 controller (GATOR app) or G16 communicator (Protegus app)
In some cases, it is not necessary to have an alarm system and only a panic button is needed to call for medical assistance, or some other help (shopping centers, small points of sale).

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The controler GATOR_GV17 or communicator G16 (with a physical panic button) is used, enabling a PGM to each User (up to 999 Users with the GATOR_GV17), to serve as a virtual panic/medical emergency button in the GATOR application or in Protegus using with the physical button. This information reaches the Ambulance Central, Monitoring Center or the Security Center of a Shopping Center via the GATOR/Protegus application and in this way they discover that they are in an emergency.

Speaking of Shopping Centers, strobe lamps can be connected to attract more attention from operating personnel.


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Medical assistance

Medical assistance button without additional protection with GATOR_GV17.

In cases when only medical assistance is necessary and no other protection system is required, the GATOR_GV17 controller can be used with the GATOR application, where we have a virtual panic button.

When some kind of help is needed, the person presses the virtual button and the message reaches the Assistance Center, Monitoring Center. The Operator will respond to the notification as required by the rules of procedure.

In conclusion, Trikdis hardware and software in this case is helping alert medical teams, to keep everybody informed, and make better decisions during critical events.



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