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Bryansk Crisis Centre

A newly established Crisis Management Centre in Bryansk, Russia, seeking to centralize the monitoring, surveillance, and protection of 22 regions has contacted us for cooperation. After evaluation, we created a project proposal, which allowed us to reduce administration costs, improve response time, and synchronize information from regional stations with a database of the central office.
ClientA newly established Crisis Management Centre seeking to centralize the monitoring, surveillance, and protection of 22 regions.Problems

All 22 regions have a local fire department that used to receive a lot of false alarm calls from the Crisis Management Centre, therefore, available resources were not used rationally. Crisis Management Centre often had to contact regional security firms, because they could promptly assess the situation and inform an emergency service about the crew size required at the location of the event.


To create a solution that would ensure a smooth parallel co-operation of regional security firms, central state-run security service, Crisis Management Centre station, and fire departments.

Services must share information about monitored objects, events, and faults in a synchronized fashion.

–       Merge different databases into oneData on a protected object is entered into the regional security firm database and then automatically synchronized with the databases of the central security service and Crisis Management Centre.-       Multi-channel transmitters

Local stations, sending and receiving messages in both radio and GPRS connection, operate in all regions. It was advised to set up GSM modules G10 or radio transmitters T10 with respect to the equipment used at the object and the distance from the central monitoring station.

–       Merge regional security services under one central dispatch office

We have recommended to set up several radio retranslators which would transmit messages to the station using GPRS connection in the areas covered by the local security service stations. Program Monas MS which receives messages from the central retranslator RR-IP12 was suggested for local monitoring. Program Windows IPcom which works in the same computer as Monas MS was chosen for receiving messages using a GPRS connection.

It was suggested to use a multi-channel transmitter RL10 and monitoring program Monas MS in the central station.

Crisis Management Centre was equipped with a monitoring program Monas MS. 

Administration costs were reduced significantly – after the implementation of our solution technical surveillance is carried out by a private regional security firm.Reduced response time – after the implementation of our solution state-run service responds only after receiving information about the importance of the event from a regional security firm.Information on regional objects is synchronized with the databases of the central office. All relevant messages about the events in the monitored objects are sent to both the local and the central stations.

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