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Fuel anti-theft security device


Truck drivers (especially in South America) face a significant problem how to secure fuel in the tanks against thieves. The solution offered by TRIKDIS is a combination of security control panel CG17 and fuel sensor STRELA. It allows measuring the fuel level in the fuel tank and sending messages to Protegus app  and the monitoring station.

NB! From fuel theft  can be  protected not only transport vehicles but also fuel-driven electric generators.


Problem: Large quantity of fuel thefts from vehicle and generator tanks in South America. Dealing with the problem requires remote control to ensure that theft is identified before emptying the tank. In Latin America a lot of fuel thefts are reported from heavy trucks, making the problem especially relevant for their owners. Besides, thefts from fuel-driven electric generators are also frequent.Solution: Security control panel CG17 and fuel measuring sensor STRELA. Information from the sensor installed in the fuel tank is sent to the station and/or application “Protegus”. Sensors are connected to control panel CG17 through RS485 contacts.

Solution from TRIKDIS allows measuring the fuel level with both an engine running and not started. After entering in program the amount of fuel that is usually consumed, the system will send a message when the consumption of fuel exceeds the set rate. The same principle of the system operation is applied to fuel-driven electric generators.

The customer himself can install fuel sensor STRELA ( It must be noted that the sensor should be calibrated with manufacturer’s software by indicating the tank capacity; otherwise measurements of the sensor can be inaccurate.

Why to choose CG17 and a fuel measuring sensor instead of similar solutions based on GPS?

An important difference between GPS solutions and TRIKDIS device is that the customer chosen our solutions will be able to monitor the state of fuel tanks and will receive notifications to Protegus app, which is free of charge. It allows saving a lot of money because most GPS solutions for transport control require monthly fees.

Principle of operation: The module starts measuring the fuel level. If the fuel amount consumed by the engine over time exceeds the set consumption rate, a message is sent to the monitoring station and Protegus app to notify the customer.

The module records the value of the fuel level in the fuel tank of a vehicle or an electric generator in 15 minute intervals. After switching off and restarting the engine, the module measures the fuel level and compares it with the last monitored value. If the measured fuel level is lower than the previous one, a message is sent to Protegus app and monitoring station.  Critical limits of fuel in litres can be set when a warning message should be sent.

Samples of operation:

  • If fuel consumption is set to 10 L/h and consumption has exceeded this level, an alarm will be sent.
  • If the fuel level has decreased without the engine running, an alarm will be immediately sent.
  • Moreover, alarm can be also sent f the fuel level has exceeded the minimum threshold.

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  1. I want to buy this device for 50 vehicles first time for test and then’ll take more devices for sale so send me best quotation for this


  3. G’day, Kindly send me the device specs, how it can send messages to users and a preliminary quotation
    also, how far for this device to be integrated with the vehicle management system (GPS and cameras)?
    is there a fuel cap close/open sensor available?

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