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Six security companies

The merger of six security companies
We were contacted by an actively expanding security company that had acquired six security companies in six different towns. After evaluation, we created a project proposal, which allowed us to update the used hardware and to connect it to one easily controlled system, keeping as much of the old equipment as possible.


CustomerAn actively expanding security company that bought six other security companies in different cities.


Newly acquired security companies have been using old equipment which did not have the required functions. Smooth system control was impossible due to the incompatibility of different surveillance programs, databases’ systems, and receivers. Controlling several systems required a vast amount of human resources.


Upgrade available equipment and integrate it into one easily controllable system, while saving as much equipment already in use, as possible.


After evaluating the current situation, condition of equipment in use, its functions, software, and hardware and calculating such factors as the client’s activity prospects, his potential growth, and related risks, we have created a solution incorporating all security systems.1. Software and hardware

– Receivers

We have recommended purchasing receiver RL10 which is designed to receive alarm messages sent via GPRS and Ethernet.

For messages sent via telephone line, we have recommended purchasing the RD10 receiver with receiver module RT2.

– Repeaters

We have also advised upgrading local radio networks by integrating TRIKDIS repeaters RP-IP12 which transmit messages via IP communication channels to the central monitoring panel’s IP receiver.

–  Alarm monitoring software

Instead of several different monitoring panels, we offered a solution to install one general monitoring panel with TRIKDIS software “Monas MS”.

2. Integration

– Databases

The expanding security company took over 3 different alarm monitoring software’s databases – SIMS, SAAM, and Alarm SYS. The data from databases were converted to Monas MS database. In pursuance to increase client’s activity efficiency, the client’s CRM (Microsoft Dynamics NAV) was merged with our “Monas MS” database. For this reason, a system that allows creating detailed reports, including information about protected object’s alarm messages history, and data related to the client’s contract, was developed.

– Website integration

We have made a data exchange between Monas MS and the company’s website. Now security company’s clients are able to log in to a website and see full information related to their protected object.

– Integration to the crew management system

Messages are sent to the security personnel directly from the alarm monitoring system. Reports from the personnel are kept in Monas MS database (driving routes, time of departure, and arrival to the incident location).

Further optimization of operating costs

After standardizing the equipment we created a possibility to connect other geographical locations into one already developed system thus reducing the cost of further development. A single controlling system allowed us to reduce the number of employees and increase the efficiency of the remaining ones.


We created one smoothly working system which ensures objects’ security. It also includes changing transmitters, installing receivers, unifying databases and adjusting software.After reducing work susceptibility, human resources were optimized. Instead of six monitoring panels, we integrated a solution with one central monitoring panel where our software “Monas MS” now works.

We made a proposal for the security company for some additional security measures to ensure uninterruptible monitoring panel’s work.

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